T.P. Keane

Meet Young Adult Author, TP Keane

Set to be the fantasy book of the year.

-JS Frankel, author of The Menagerie and more. 

- Brian G Burke, Bestselling author of, The Other of One

... the power of the story, and the speed of the narrative as well as the richness of the characters, drew me in from page one and never let up.

The Paladins of Naretia is TP Keane's debut novel.  An avid lover of science fiction and fantasy, she found herself drawn into a world that sprung to mind one night, in a dream. Naretia held many secrets and adventures, of which, The Paladins, is only the first.

- Susan Keefe, author of Toby's Tails.

TP Keane is definitely an author to watch out for!!